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Why is My House Not Selling?


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It is absolutely true that the market is not what it used to be, however we are still incredibly busy! Why? Because we always ensure we keep abreast of these issues:


One of the biggest obstacles to selling your house might be you. When you put your house on the market, you need to carefully consider how motivated you are to move. This is key because in order to achieve the best price for your home, you will need to work with your agent.


For buyers and sellers, the issue is choice. The market, especially towards the upper end, is still very active. However, there is relatively little stock and many of those properties have been on the market a while. If your property is one of those, you may need to think about a ‘refresh’ to make your property stand out from the crowd.


Many blogs will tell you certain trends in decoration don’t sell, or certain colours can cause issues. These are all potentially true, however there is no better substitute than specific feedback from your agent. Many of these issues can be skillfully overcome by a good agent, and your time may be better focused on an issue peculiar to your home which viewers have identified.


This can either be too many or too few:

  • If you are having lots of people through the door, but no serious interest then there is obviously an issue. Price could be an issue, but it could equally be something specific related to the property. Make sure your agent is obtaining specific feedback.
  • If you aren’t getting people through the door at all, then you need to consider the level of online interest and what it is that is deterring buyers. Check your agent is actively seeking feedback – often especially important from those buyers who are not wishing to view.  Check also the marketing strategy is targeting the right profile buyer. Ensure your agent is aware of the comparative competition so you are in a good position to assess whether the current asking price is the factor which is negatively influencing the interest levels.

Unique Selling Point

What makes your home special? What is it about your home that will attract your specific buyer? You need to identify the answers to these questions. Emphasising the right features can be just the right step to attracting the right buyer!

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