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Everyone Says They Love Our Home


‘Everyone says they love our home, so why can’t we sell it?’

If your home is for sale, weekends can often be spent whirling around like a spinning dervish making sure everything is neat and tidy, whizzing the hoover around, sending the children out to walk the dog whilst you tidy their rooms, sweeping scattered shoes and clothing back into their cupboards, all in readiness for prospective buyers.

Then, Monday morning comes with you eagerly anticipating the outcome of the viewings which have taken place, only to find your agent phones to say, ‘sorry, it’s not for them’.

A charming gentleman called our office recently to ask for our advice. He had had a record 35 viewings on his house over the last year, but not one single offer. During the whole of that time, not one person had even been attracted enough to book a second viewing. He was at a complete loss as to what to do and wanted some ideas on how he could improve the situation.

On average, a house sells after around 12-15 viewings. During this time, you would expect a couple of second viewings and an offer or two, even if low ones. With that in mind, this gentleman should have had three or four offers, with the last one high enough for him to accept.

To find out why this gentleman had been receiving all this interest, but no offers, we considered all the factors which could be affecting the saleability of his home:

  • Presentation – If you are getting plenty of people over the threshold, but no offers, then something is not measuring up to their expectations. They will be people who are perfectly happy to pay the sort of price you are asking, but not for your house, hence no offers. If it is a presentation issue, using a professional stylist can make a huge difference. This may sound like an expensive option, but often they can identify areas which are easy and inexpensive to rectify. A home beautifully presented for photography and viewings can really set you apart from the competition. Remember, buying a property is often an emotive decision, and creating a welcoming atmosphere can be a key factor in selling your home.
  • Viewing feedback – Make sure your agent gives you proper feedback. ‘It’s not for them’ doesn’t help them or you. It is their job to find out why nobody is taking their initial interest any further. Make sure you impress upon them the importance of being made aware of any concerns raised. A colour choice or maintenance issue could be easily remedied and make a considerable difference. It’s difficult, but be objective. You are looking forward to your next property, so think of it as a step to achieving this, and don’t let your own preferences get in the way of a successful outcome. The sooner you know why a viewer didn’t want to buy your home, the quicker you can improve your chances with the next viewer.
  • Marketing – Perhaps the wrong aspect of the house is being promoted, such as the back of the house as the main advertisement in all the advertising. Perhaps the photography is making the rooms look larger than they really are; often estate agent photographers use a wide angled lens and, so, make small rooms look huge. Perhaps the house is next to a pub, school or railway, or perhaps there is a courtyard, but no garden, and no mention is made of this in the brochure. It is important to be flattering, but equally important not to mislead.

In many ways, having plenty of viewings is a much easier problem, as it shows there are enough people looking in that price range for that type of house in that location. Now all you need to do is attract that one viewer who actually wants to buy your property.

We should love to share our thoughts and experience with you to help you determine why you have not found that perfect buyer to date and, more importantly, what you must do to attract that buyer. We have sold over 2,000 homes, some very difficult ones, in the last 13 years, so maybe we can help you too?

Please drop us a line by clicking here or call us on 01305 757300; we would love to hear from you.

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